Enabling Personal Hotspot on iPad Pro 9.7


Since the Apple iPad Pro 9.7″ includes an embedded Apple Sim card, the ability turn on Personal Hotspot has become more difficult, especially if you insert a carrier provided data sim. However, the solution is simple, and only needs to be done once.

  1. Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options
  2. Select APN Settings.
  3. In the ‘Personal Hotspot‘ options, enter the name of the APN for your carrier. e.g. my carrier is DiGi (Malaysia) and the APN is 3gdgnet (this is only for data-only sims, different from diginet which is used on phone sims that use data + talk). Your carrier may have a different APN setting. You may be able to find out here http://wiki.apnchanger.org/malaysia .
  4. Once done, return to Settings > Mobile Data. You should see a ‘Set Up Personal Hotspot‘ option. It may be greyed out.
  5. Turn off Mobile Data, or better yet, turn off your device and restart it.
  6. Give about 2-3 minutes and open the Settings app.
  7. You should see Personal Hotspot as a new Settings option in the bar on the left, and the Mobile Data > ‘Set Up Personal Hotspot’ should have changed to ‘Personal Hotspot’.
  8. You can select Personal Hotspot and put in a desired password for your devices to use when connecting to your iPad Pro.


Enjoy it.


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