Ultradata is hiring

Ultradata Australia

Ultradata Australia

This is my first ‘work-related’ post, I think.

My company is hiring developers (.Net and Universe).

What I like about working at Ultradata?

  1. Different management style: I haven’t heard anyone raise their voices at anyone else. Even when they’re correcting you, they do it in a very professional way that does not make you feel smaller than an amoeba, and yet, they get the point across. Quite different from previous places I’ve worked.
  2. I can wear jeans and a polo-T to work.
  3. Its great to be on a learning curve, trying out new technologies.
  4. The (Malaysia) office has no office politics. People work hard, but do not try kill each other at the same time.
  5. The .Net programmers now use Quad-Core machines with 19inch LCD monitors 🙂
  6. We don’t rarely work late.
  7. Working hours are flexible (kinda).

So if you’re looking for a programming job with a good, comfortable working environment, contact me. 🙂


One thought on “Ultradata is hiring

  1. Hi Guna. Pardon the double post, if there was. Chanced upon your blog post when I looked up Ultradata. Spoke to a rep from Robert Walters this afternoon. The job opening closely matches my current skill sets. I am encouraged by the positive working environment and people in the organization as highlighted in this blog post. Looking forward to be part of the Ultradata family!

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