The Curse of the Fall


The Curse Resulted – by man’s sin. Gen 3:14-18
The Curse Reversed – during the Lord’s Reign. Isa 65:25
The Curse Removed – in the new Heaven and Earth. Rev 22:3


Wash that dirt!



While polishing our car last weekend, I was reminded how easily dirt that’s not quickly washed gets embedded into the paint (especially obvious on white cars!). Just washing with soap was not enough, I had to apply some vigorous polishing to get ‘some’ of the dirt marks off. If I had washed the car a little more often, I could have avoided a whole lot of effort (and had have a ‘whiter’ car).

It brought my thoughts to how our own spiritual lives that is so easily tainted by sin. Sins unconfessed, can easily form habits that easily embed themselves into our life and will require more work to get rid of.

Thankfully our Lord is a powerful One and can help us overcome even the hardest habits, but it may take longer and involve more struggle.

It’s important we not neglect the regular confession of sin in response to which the Lord cleanses us from sin. Regular examination of self before the Lord bring ‘dark’ thoughts and intentions into the light and repentance and confession keeps those sins from getting a foothold in our lives.

1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us [our] sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Another homosexual dies in his sins

Kim Ji-hoo committed suicide in his apartment

Kim Ji-hoo committed suicide in his apartment

Another gay has been driven to commit suicide because of his sexual orientation. He got the limelight because he was a celebrity. How many go to their deaths without anyone knowing, but God. How many despair and suffer in silence.

According to the news, he was driven to suicide because of intense mockery and discrimination. We can only be sorry. He needed the love and care of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is more than able to convict him of his sin, and release from the bondage of homosexuality.

Allow me to humbly remind Christians, that when we discriminate gays (and other sinners), we drive them to die in their sins. We too were sinners under wrath, but have received forgiveness of sin and freedom from bondage through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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