Magical Home



Our home is magical

Things happen magically here.

Beds get made.

Shirts are pressed, uniforms ready to wear.

The floor and windows, nary dirty.

The toys return to their chests, and books to their shelves.

There’s always food on the table, never a hungry belly in here.

A magical warmth permeates our home.

A peace, that can only be felt, not described.

There’s laughter in joy, comfort in discipline.

Yes, our home is magical.


It’s the unseen toil of a woman, wife and mother.

Skillfully working the magic we perceive.

A labour of love that toils without complaint. Beginning early, resting late.

A work of faith, that sees the joy of serving the Lord, even in routine and hidden things.

An endurance of hope that bears disappointment, fatigue, and pain, knowing He can use each for her and her family’s good.

Her hands, tirelessly cleaning, arranging, feeding.

Her mind, like a CEO, planning, budgeting, preparing.

Her heart is a fountain of affection.
Ever loving, comforting, nurturing.

Her laughter lifts up even the lowest spirit.
None escape the joy she brings.

Her touch so tender, brings security, soothing the troubled heart of her child.
And her husband.

Her spirit stays close to her Lord and God.
She guides her children in His ways.

Her beauty is in her gentle and quiet spirit.
Beautiful, incorruptible and free from the constraints of age.

Her work is unseen.
But her reward is with the Lord Jesus, her Beloved.
A reward neither destroyed by rust, nor stolen by thieves. In that day she will rejoice, and be glad.

Till then, with the Lord Jesus our Saviour, and she my wife and mother to our children…


– written in recognition of wives and mothers who make our homes, home.
Inspired by my wife, LIM CHIN AI.


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