Secret Prayer


“Let none expect to have the mastery over his inward corruption in any degree, without going in his weakness again and again to the Lord for strength. Nor will prayer with others, or conversing with the brethren, make up for secret prayer

Excerpt From: Müller, George. “A Narrative of Some of the Lord’s Dealings with George Müller.”

It struck me in a special way today when I read the words. ‘yum cha’ with the brethren, being at meetings, planning this, reading that. None can provide that unique joy and pleasure of being in quiet communion with the Lord.

I’ve had times when I feel far from the Lord and have tried to bridge the distance with supposed ‘spiritual activity’ like listening to ministry, meals with brethren, reading devotionals, serving and even giving counsel to others. None gave me a sense of closeness to the Lord.

But when unhurried time is spent with the Lord in prayer and His Word, what a world of difference that makes.


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