So much for fellowship


Saw a group of young people come to a church and excitedly head for a table. I (naively) thought to myself, “wow, they must have waited all week to see and talk to each other…”

And then they whipped out their phones and tablets and buried their heads in them.

So much for fellowship.


Full disclosure : my son went to join them! Haha!


3 thoughts on “So much for fellowship

  1. Fellowship is still possible in the digital age, we just have to learn how to use the tools we have effectively. Remember that the printed word was once looked at in the same way.
    I see one girl having a conversation with someone else via text or Facebook chat on her ipad. I see a little boy playing angry birds while an older girl looks on eagerly. The two boys facing the camera are both sharing one screen. Other than the boy on the left (who may be testing as well) all of these kids are being social, just in a different way. Our job is to make sure that they have authentic relationships in the church, even if some use online methods of interacting.
    But, I digress. Ministry in the digital age is a bit of an obsession of mine.
    Nice blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Joshua, i agree with your comment.

      Since fellowship is, and should be, centered around the Lord Jesus (1 John 1:3) we certainly can have fellowship with one another regardless of the technology used.

      Fellowship goes beyond just being ‘social’, in involves being actively engaged in sharing in things pertaining to the person of Christ and His ministry. Some of this can be done via technology, some cant. There is a danger of over emphasis of usage of technology as much as there is a danger of under emphasis.

      The thing about the digital age and social networks is that there is so much lateral activity going on and these become distractions that work against having genuine fellowship.

      In more ways than we realize, as in previous ages, the ‘medium’ of communication can subtly be used by the Devil to distract and to detract Christian work. We must be on guard.

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