Facebook goodbye?



I’m thinking of giving up, or at least, deactivating Facebook. I’m not comfortable with their privacy settings and I’m starting to feel strongly about how the ‘like’ system seems to feed a sense of wanting acceptance by others. I find it easy to be tempted to post stuff with the hope of getting ‘liked’, whereas I know that my sense of self and acceptance is because I am “accepted in the Beloved (Christ)”. No likes needed.

I had uninstalled Facebook for a week on my mobile and when I returned to see what I’ve missed, looks like I hadn’t missed much. More political rants, ‘what I had for lunch posts’, silly cat or talent videos, some ‘if i get a million likes my dad will buy me a rabbit’, and oh, ads! So many ads! Nearly 1 in 5 items in my timeline is an ad. Nothing of great value. Surely I can live without this.

Oh and not forgetting, it seems that Facebook is becoming a bit too pervasive on the web. Many websites I go to have a Facebook Like button and its already showing my profile pic. I don’t like it. Feels very ‘big brother’ like.
In fact my account got pseudo-hacked recently using this and the password reset system. Quite unsettling.

Time for goodbye?


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