Random thoughts on Lahad Datu conflict

  • We cannot compare the way government treated Bersih rally vs the armed men in Lahad Datu. While it seems like a fair comparison at first, there are differences in motive, international sensitivities, risk of fatalities. War is always a last, and undesirable resort.
  • I have friends in Sabah, one working as close as 1.5 hrs away from Lahad Datu, and some things he tells me help me realize that there are dangers that lurk in and around the area that are NOT confined to the area occupied by armed men. The authorities have to be very, very careful and deliberate over every decision they make.
  • Too many people are making uninformed comments about the situation, and some make a mockery of themselves in the process. There are too many things we do not know, as such we shouldn’t make comments based on hearsay.
  • Some opposition party ministers are being very insensitive and are politicizing everything, from the motive of the foreign occupation to the government’s delay in giving a hostile response. If the opposition’s opinion is war at first chance, I’ll be very worried if they took power.
  • The government needs to be transparent and keep people informed with facts and truth. This avoids hearsay and rumors and wrong conclusions. They should present facts and thats it. No need to interpret the events for the people, they can do that themselves. No need to even give justification for their decisions, for now, as it may alert the enemy of their strategy. When all this is over, there will be ample time to give explanations. Remember Japan when there was a nuclear threat at Fukushima , responsible disclosure – the dissemination of truth at timely and regular intervals helped keep the calm and anxiety of the Japanese people at a manageable level. Our government should do this too.
  • I was initially surprised that in this day and age, someone actually think of such a way to reclaim a piece if land. Then I realized that our shielded, metropolitan surrounding, blinds us to the fact that there are many in the world who are struggling and have a cavalier attitude to ending their struggles. I was reminded that this attitude is in all of us (but very much suppressed) – this is seen in the book of Revelation where after all the Christians are taken up from earth, we see a huge uprise of war and unrest in the world, despite claiming to be ‘modern’ in thought and deed.
  • Yet again we are reminded, that in war, everyone loses. I’m glad the government took so long to use force. At least the 3 soldiers had 17 more days to be with their families and friends, and 17 more days to hear the gospel.
  • A country can go from peace to war in a matter of days. Don’t assume we will be enjoying our liberties for a long time. As Christians, we have a great commission and purpose, and its not political in nature. Oh if only we would be as vocal about the gospel as we are about politics, we would see (spiritual) reform.

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