Jesus Satisfies – and that is a lie…


Now, that must be the boldest blog post title i’ve posted yet.

The story below is one that never fails to stir me…

I was having meetings in a church in San Jose, California, some years ago. One night the leader announced that a certain young lady would sing a solo. She was very beautiful, and had a carefully-trained, well-modulated voice, and sang very nicely. The title of the song was, “Jesus Satisfies.” I was quite moved by it myself, and hoped others were. At the close of the meeting I asked any anxious ones to meet me at the front or to remain in their seats. I noticed a young woman sitting by herself, and so I went down to speak with her. I said, ‘Are you anxious about your soul?”

She looked at me and said, “Well, yes and no. I was anxious; I came to this meeting with the thought that I would like to become a Christian, but if ever I become a Christian I want to be a different one from Miss So-and-So,” and she gave the name of the young lady who had sung the solo.

“Oh,” I said, “you are acquainted with the young lady?”

“Oh, yes.”

“But you don’t like her particularly?”

“Oh,” she said, “she is my best friend.”

“But what do you mean, then?”

“Well,” she said, “it is just this. I believe a Christian ought to live a different life from a worldling. I am a worldling, and I do not profess to be anything else. I have been trying to find satisfaction in the world; I confess I have never found it, but my friend, Miss So-and-So, got up and sang, ‘Jesus Satisfies,’ and that is a lie; He doesn’t satisfy her. She professes to be a Christian, and she often tells me I ought to be a Christian, but when I go to the theater I always find her there, when I go to the ball I find her there, when I go to play cards she is there, when I go into anything of the world, she is always there. What difference is there between her and myself? The only difference I can see is that she professes to have something which I do not profess to possess, but it does not do anything for her. Her life is just like mine.” – HA Ironside

It scares me to think of how many souls have I may have turned away from Christ because of my unseparated lives.

How do you feel after reading that story?


3 thoughts on “Jesus Satisfies – and that is a lie…

  1. Nana Adwoa

    Wow!The non-Christian lady is right. It sounds like her friend is lukewarm. Christ wants us cold,or hot, but she’s got one foot in Christianity,and another in the world. Now, there’s no problem with Christians watching movies, and going to baseball games,it’s all about your relationship with God,and your heart.But if you are looking for satisfaction in fleeting pleasures then there’s something wrong! Your relationship with God should reflect in your actions, and your life must reflect that missing link that people in the world can recognize as Christ. We need to ask God to make us bolder witnesses, and for Him to set us aflame with His love so that there is no mixing up of believers with unbelievers! We need to stand out, we are not of this world!Let’s stand up,and stand out like the aliens that we are!AMEN!To Christ be glory,and power forever,Amen. Much love 🙂

  2. Nana Adwoa

    What’s funny is that I found this site by accident while looking for a review for a Honda Freed. I’m believing God for one because it is compact, but roomy so that I can use it for Kingdom purposes!Thank God!God is so good – how is that I should stumble across the site of a believer!Only God!

    • hi nana, thanks for visiting 🙂 i hope my review has been of help. Its a great car for the purposes you state. Spacious and convenient.

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