Dare us preach the wrong gospel?



Sometimes, it just feels easier to tell people about God’s love, and how kindly He is, and how much He wants to bless them and heal them and make them happy in life.

Let’s just skip telling people about righteousness, judgement and repentance – it makes people uncomfortable and not want to come to church.

Let’s just have them think that they can be saved, if they would just follow Jesus. No need to teach that they need to confess sins and repent of their offenses toward God.

The danger is…

I believe there will be lots of church-going for a little while after the rapture of God’s people; those left behind will be crowding into the churches as never before. I think I see the Rev. Mr. Smooth-things standing in his pulpit, with pale, wan face. He looks at scores of parishioners he hasn’t seen for many years and thinks to himself, “Now, I have to explain to these people. I have been telling them for twenty years that this talk of the second coming is false.” People who believed in the second coming were looked on as idiotic ranters who didn’t know what they were talking about. I think I hear mutterings down in the congregation: “We trusted our souls to you. You had been to the colleges, seminaries, and universities, and read a whole library of books. We believed you when you told us the old idea of salvation by the blood of Christ was all worn out and that we could save ourselves by culture. We believed you when you said Christ’s second coming was only a fantastic notion. Now explain this to us. – H.A Ironside – Commentary on Revelation 6.


So, let us get back to the faithful preaching of the gospel – whatever the cost.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is God’s power for salvation to everyone who believes… Rom 1:16


2 thoughts on “Dare us preach the wrong gospel?

  1. Sadly, we dare, most of the time. 😦 But I think there is a huge difference between not sharing about the seriousness of sin and hell AND praying for His wisdom in sharing the right things at the right time as the Spirit leads, in personal evangelism.

    • True. It has to be the right message at the right time as the Lord leads.
      Eventually, the love of God should be emphasized as much as Holiness of God. In fact, many, including me, only appreciated the teaching of God’s love after I was brought to realize the hideousness of my sin and the imminent condemnation.
      The popular gospel is one that either excludes or minimizes sin and hell.

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