iOS5 vs WP7 (mango) – A user review


Windows Phone 7


Windows Phone 7 is the new kid on the block as far as mobile phone operating systems go, and as the new kid, many are interested and are unsure of it stacks up with the ‘big boys’ like Apple iOS and Android (pick your flavour).

I’ve been using both iOS5 (on an iPhone 4) as well as Windows Phone 7 (WP7, on a HTC Radar) for about 3 months now and would like to share some impressions about how Windows Phone compares to iOS. Yes there are many comparisons out there, but most are little more than expanded press releases and don’t come from actual long term usage. I hope to share with you what works, and what doesn’t. What Windows Phone does well, and what it doesn’t do well.

This series won’t be a hardware review, although the two devices are pretty much equal on specs:

1. iPhone 4 – 5 MP camera BSI sensor, 1GHz processor, 512MB memory – top of the line phone release in 2010.

2. HTC Radar – 5 MP camera BSI sensor, 1GHz processor, 512MB memory, mid range phone released in 2011.

Since this post is mainly focused on showing how the new WP7 does stuff, you’ll probably see more screenshots and videos of WP7 interface than of iOS, this is partly due to the fact iOS has been around so long, many people already know how it works, but so few have even seen a WP7 interface at work.

I will not attempt to pitch WP7 above iOS, or the other way round, you will find that there are some things which iOS does really well, and there are some things that WP7 does very well as well. I’ll try to cover the common usage scenarios and how doing the same activities on both phones differ from each other.\

Hopefully, if you’re in the market for a new phone, this will help you make the right choice. You’ll see that the cheaper WP7 devices can really match, and even out do what an expensive iOS device can do.

Right now I have this on my comparison list:

1. Text input – text entry, cut copy paste, selecting, editing text.

2. Messaging – differences between what you can / cannot do

3. Shell look and feel, navigation and notifications

4. Contact management

5. Media management and playback.

Is there something you’d like to see compared between iOS and WP7, let me know in the comments!


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