PTPTN Ujrah 1% Offer FAQ


I had some questions when I was (finally) offered the 1% interest rate. So I spoke to a very friendly PTPTN officer and managed to get some answers.

I’m posting it here in case anyone else is wondering – may save you some ringgits from being kept on hold on the PTPTN phone lines.

  1. Q: Can I pay myself and not deduct from salary?
    A: Yes. Just don’t fill the ‘
    Borang Maklumat Pekerjaan / Potongan Gaji’, but ‘Surat Kebenaran 1 & 2’ must be filled and signed.
  2. Q: Can I pay more than the amount on the offer letter.
    A: Of course. We encourage it. It can also help reduce your repayment term.

  3. Q: Must the agreement date be the same as the stamping date?
    A: To be safe, you can fill up all the forms and stick the
    Stem Hasil on the agreement, but don’t send it for stamping. PTPTN will stamp and ‘matikan’ the document for you.
  4. Q: If self paying online, what offer letter number do I need to use?
    : Use the new offer letter number. Or, after offer has been accepted, you will be notified and you can call PTPTN to confirm what the new offer letter number is.
  5. Q: Can I pay less than the amount on the offer letter?
    : You will need to return the offer letter PTPTN has sent to you, fill up a ‘
    Borang Penjadualan Semula’and choose a different repayment period. You can visit the address on the offer letter (Wisma Chase Perdana, Damansara Heights) , go to Level 6, if you want to discuss repayments with an officer. They offer tiered repayments (repayments start low, but increase over number of years).
  6. Q: The amount on the offer letter was calculated based on outstanding amount at 1/6/2008. What happens to all the administrative fees I have already paid between then and now?
    : Upon acceptance of the offer, all fees already paid will be recalculated and additional amounts will be used to offset your outstanding amount. In other words, your outstanding amount now may become lower after PTPTN has recalculated everything.
  7. Q: How do I find a witness to sign the document / certify my IC copy?
    A: I did mine in the local district office (ex. Pejabat Daerah Hulu Langat, Bangi). Ask the information counter for a Pegawai Daerah, and he/she would be able to
    a. Be a witness to you signing the offer letter and agreement.
    b. Certify the copy of your identity card.
  8. Q: Where do I buy Stem Hasil?
    A: Any general post office (the bigger ones lah).
  9. Q: How long is the offer valid?
    A: It is valid for 90 days from the offer letter date (tarikh surat tawaran).

Do you have any questions and answers that would be useful to others? Submit them in the comments box and i’ll update the list above (with credits of course:))


2 thoughts on “PTPTN Ujrah 1% Offer FAQ

  1. aemiey

    saya dh buat SSPN di bank BSN. bolehkan saya membuat bayaran balik melalui potongan akaun SSPN.

    //G: maaf, saya tidak berapa tahu tentang SSPN.

  2. Hannah Tan Wan Mei

    to Guna:
    May I know which number that you had called at that time to PTPTN?
    IS it the PTPTN HOtline?
    Kindly answer because I really need the answer to proceed to mine PTPTN.
    To get the Friendly PTPTN staffs to answer to my Enquiries that is not listed here.
    Thank you so much for your information. 🙂

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