Which denomination should i join?


The story is told of two Christians who met for the first time in a railroad coach. One inquired, “to what denomination do you belong?” the other replied, “that’s just my difficulty, and i wish you would help me. Supposing you had only the Word of God to guide you, what denomination would you recommend I join?” His fellow Christian thought for a while and said, ” why, if I only had the word of God as my authority, I couldn’t advice you to join any!”

“that is exactly my position,” responded the other, “and I therefore meet with those who act upon what they find in the word of God, and who seek to assemble in the name of the Lord Jesus alone, apart from all the confusion that denominationalism has wrought”
– A P Gibbs


One thought on “Which denomination should i join?

  1. Hi guna,
    i stumbled on your blog while checking out fuel consumption on the P. Alza. (which I am also considering..) and was pleasantly surprised to find the Christian nature of your blog. I am also a Christian.
    So yeah, maybe we can discuss cars, fuel consumption, and something for the soul as well. I am on fb, maybe can hook up w you there. or you can send me a message on the email.

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