Holy Christian Decision Making


Holy Christian living comes from making the right decisions in our day to day life.
This list is taken from William MacDonald’s ministry on Personal Holiness.

The points are his, the explanations are his explanation in my words.

Principles of holiness:
How to decide to do something or not?
1. Is it distinctly forbidden in the word of God?
Some things are distinctly forbidden in the Word of God. This gives clear answers as to what we should say yes or no to.

2. Is there any glory for God in it?
1 Cor 10:31. If God doesn’t get any glory in it, we should reconsider doing it.

3. Is it of the world?
World – system that tries to be happy without God
We should stay away from doing things the world’s way.
John 17:16

4. Would Jesus have done it?
1 Pet 2:21 – Christ is our example.

5. Would you want to be found doing it when Jesus returns?
1 John 2:28

6. Which nature does it feed?
The old nature (fleshly-sinful) or the new one (the nature of Christ)

7. Can u feel free to do it with knowledge that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit?
Ex. Is consuming something that causes cancer to the body a proper way to treat the temple of the Holy Spirit?

8. Is it fitting behaviour for a child of God?
We need to be dignified and do things which are fitting as children of the Most High God

9. Money, could it be better spent?
Can your dollar go further for the Kingdom God? Live frugally.

10. If it involves time, can it be better spent?
Don’t waste time on things that have no value to the kingdom of God. (movies, hobbies?)

11. What effect does your conduct have on others?
If another Christian sees you doing it, will she be encouraged or discouraged?

12. Is it doubtful?
If it’s doubtful whether it’s good or not, better don’t do it

13. Does it have appearance of evil?
Avoid misjudgment

14. Is it a weight?
Avoid anything that slows you down in spiritual things. Material possessions, hobbies, etc.

15. How does it appear in the eyes of Christ?
Would the Lord Jesus enjoy doing it or enjoy watching you do it?

Picture from http://www.mirigospel.org/english/


7 thoughts on “Holy Christian Decision Making

  1. dill01

    So challenging, but so helpful. I wonder how much of my life I will have to jettison in order to honor God more. I suspect a lot more than I’m comfortable with. Thanks for this!

  2. El-wink-o

    Reading point 13 brings me to the question, how do we advise our youth do avoid the appearance of evil (in terms of dressing and personal appearance)? Can we define ‘evil’ in dressing and look? I know some Christian youth who’d dress (their everyday attire) like they’re part of some death metal band and say they’re dressing like this in order to reach out to their friends (and then they’d say God looks at the heart).

    And I soooooo agree with point 8; we are children HIS MAJESTY!

    P/S: Good read this; thanks for posting it up!

    • Ayl, that question deserves a post by itself, but my honest thoughts would be: 1. There are other verses that clearly tell us how we should dress 2. “God does look at the heart but very often, the outward is a barometer of the inward”- bill macdonald 3. What we wear clearly indicates what we support or a group or purpose we belong to. I will not wear a t-shirt bearing the name of Satan because I neither belong to nor support him. I was a great U2 fan before i was saved, but after the lord Jesus became my Saviour, I have stopped wearing anything that bears their name, because I cannot agree with their song lyrics and style of music anymore. 4. The Lord Jesus ate and was in the company of sinners, but in no way did He condone or do anything that would give the impression that He supported their sin.

      If we dress like death metal band in the hopes of evangelizing them, it’s just naive, weak self justification and bad logic. If you and I were to go and speak to a homosexual, we would not enter his house with arms around each other’s waist would we? We would have lost our testimony immediately.

      People need to realize that holiness is marked by distinction. Being different. Hebrews describes the Lord Jesus as “separate from sinners”. We when become like the world, Christ loses his distinction.

      Your point partly describes why we have so many professing Christians in the church. Because the church has taken the wrong approach – trying to become like the world in the hopes of bringing them to Christ. We misrepresent Christ by being like the world.

      – Guna

  3. Aylwin

    LOL, I feel like we’re going to open cans of worms with the direction we’re headed.. hahaha.

    Well, in terms of dressing, I was suddenly reminded of Isaiah 53:2

    “He [Jesus] had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him, nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him.”

    Reminds me that Christ our Lord is not the fashion-conscious type [if I may ever be so bold to say that], but rather, someone who is truly great from the inside out.

    Yes, I agree with your point that it’s weak self justification when one dresses like the other in hope to reach out. In some ways, I feel that he is limiting the power of God to save; it’s ridiculous to think that one will not accept Christ because the message bearer does not dress like him. Furthermore, he forgets that it is the Holy Spirit that convicts and bring the person to repentance. (Jn 16:8)

  4. Aylwin

    And I’m waiting for your new post, inspired *ahem* by my question of the definition of evil in terms of dressing and personal appearance… LOL!! 😀

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