Green or Yellow Hue in iTunes Device Apps screen


This is so funny. I was in a bit of a dog fight with my Samsung flat panel monitor.

Every time I hooked up my iPhone to iTunes, and looked at the Apps tab, all my icons looked very greenish. I thought to myself that my monitor must have been wrongly calibrated.

So I tried adjusting monitor settings using a combination of the hardware settings, the NVidia control panel. When I turned down the Green and Red settings in so that the icons in iTunes matched the colour on the iPhone, the rest of the screen looked washed out and blue.

I then downloaded a free app that helps optimize your monitors gamma settings. Same results. In fact, worse, because now I had two softwares duking it out to set my monitors colour settings – NVidia and Easy Gamma. Sometimes it looked okay, sometimes bluish.

Finally, after wasting a few hours, i thought, maybe this is iTunes fault. So I grabbed a screen capture of my Home screen in iphone and imported to my PC through Picasa.

Opened the image and Picasa, and put it beside my iTunes screen – and sure enough, iTunes WAS painting the iPhones tabs with a different hue.

See the screen shot below. On the right is Picasa and the left it iTunes.




Bad iTunes. Bad.


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