A weekend in Singapore (with pictures)


Having many things to write to you, I would not with paper and ink; but hope to come to you, and to speak mouth to mouth, that our joy may be full – 2 John 1:12

The family took a trip down to Singapore last weekend, since Friday was a public holiday. We were actually supposed to head up to Penang to meet an old classmate, but that didn’t work out, so we thought, “let’s head down south instead!”.

We planned this trip to be a ‘people-focused’ one, with our main aim being to meet family and close friends to catch up and spend some quality time with them.

We arrived on Friday around 1pm, and went straight to my brother’s place in Clementi, and Titus got acquainted with Sephy, the beautiful fat cat. We then went to a place called Culina where they served excellent Wagyu beef burgers and roasted duck. My sister in law, Joanne, has good taste in food.


P1020390 P1020398 P1020400

We headed back to Dave’s place and rested a while, and then freshened up and left for Stephen Chee’s house for a barbeque. I think about 70% of Joo Chiat Gospel Hall’s members were there, and we had some good conversations and caught up with old friends. The food was good too, in fact, we had some satay that tasted better than Kajang!

After eating, Stephen gathered everyone into the living room, and with Samuel Wee at the organ, we sang some children’s choruses and hymns.


After the barbeque, we headed over to Jeffrey’s place to spend the night. I took a late night stroll with Jeff and had a good chat with him, talking about life in Singapore, parenting and its challenges.

The next day, Vivian (Jeff’s wife) prepared ham, cheese and steamed bread for breakfast. It was delicious. Spent some time with the family and let the Jeffrey’s kids, Joseph and Joel and our play. We then left to check out some books at Bethesda Book Centre in Toa Payoh, and boy, do they have books – there’s barely room to walk. Not all the books are assembly books though, and I was a little disappointed to see a book with a foreword by Brian McLaren. After buying some books, we went to VivoCity to meet Chin Ai’s brother, Joshua and had lunch with him.


We hung around at Vivo until evening and then headed to Jonathan’s place for dinner, and Titus and Sophia got to meet Tasya (4) and Yulia (2) for the first time. Jen Wei prepared a simple but delicious dinner and the surprise for the night was when Jonathan suddenly brought out a birthday cake for Chin Ai (it was her birthday the next day). We had a good time.

The next day,  after the Lord’s Supper we headed over to Aaron and Bee Man’s place for lunch and rested there till tea time after which we headed home.


All in all, we were SO TIRED (just look at my face in the last picture) after the weekend, but it was a good trip catching up with people we loved.


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