Intel tries to catch up with God


Saw this summary in a Zdnet newsletter.

SAN FRANCISCO–Pushing several steps farther in the multicore direction, Intel on Wednesday demonstrated a fully programmable 48-core processor it thinks will pave the way for massive data computers powerful enough to do more of what humans can.

It has always been technology, – computing, in particular –  to emulate the human being and human mind.

Camera’s with the fastest autofocus and complex digital processing chips don’t even come close to how the human eye works – immediate response to light, depth of field, focus, detecting movements, etc.

Artificial intelligence, with all its, well, artificial, intelligence, still can’t figure out why anyone would find funny a sentence like, “Why did the chicken cross the road?… To get to the other side! Duh!”. We would laugh, but the computer can’t figure out the humour in it.

It just goes to explain that the human being is not just a mere orgnanism with a higher-than-average intelligence quote.

And with Intel’s new chip above, they claim,

“The machine will be capable of understanding the world around them much as humans do,” Rattner said. “They will see and hear and probably speak and do a number of other things that resemble human-like capabilities, and will demand as a result very (powerful) computing capability.” – Intel Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner

48 Cores (fyi mainstream computing today has an average of 2 cores) – to only begin to understand the world around us? Technology has a long way to go.

Maybe someday, with a gazillion cores, computing may indeed be able to be very human in action, perception of surroundings, maybe even be able to take a logical statement, find an illogical possibility, and tell it as a joke, but there is one thing it will never be able to do…

Know God.

It will never be able to understand the need to pray, never feel a sense of awe at its surroundings and make it bow down in worship.

Man may invent a robot that can outlive the average human 3 times over, but it will never have eternal life – “to know thee, the only True God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou sent” -John 17:3.

This inability, is enough to convince me, that we are not merely organisms, but are a creation of God, created differently from the rest of the habitable and inhabitable world – created with the ability to know God, and for the purpose of enjoying Him and worshipping Him.

 So God created man in his ownimage, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Gen 1:27


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