I wish the Lord’s Supper was a tad more quiet


You must think I’m crazy. The usual lament heard is usually “I wish there was less silence during the Lord’s supper”, but here I am wishing the opposite.

I find myself, and i think it happens among the other brothers too, where in trying to ‘avoid’ being too silent, we rush and hurry to think of what song we can sing, what scripture we can read, or what words we can pray.

But where’s the worship?

There are some Sunday’s when we are contemplating some very profound aspect of the Lord, like His holiness, His pre-eminent glory, but I find we are busy jumping at the next song in the song book that has the word ‘holy’ or ‘glory’, and I’m left wishing we could have a few minutes of  selah to pause, contemplate, worship.

Having a two year old next to you does not make it easier either.

I believe we should not be too afraid of having a few minutes of silence. I know people say and teach that the spirituality of the church is evident by how quiet the Lord Supper is, but that is not a catch-all. You can somehow know… I can’t explain it… but you just know when a period of silence is there because the saints are worshipping, or because the priests have come without offerings (by priests, I refer to all the christians present).


One thought on “I wish the Lord’s Supper was a tad more quiet

  1. sooaun

    some weeks i’m so dumbfounded by how amazing God is that i just have no words to put that feeling to… anything i say would really be short of how awesome He is… wait, did i say some weeks? i mean most weeks… maybe it’s time i read a dictionary…

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