New Year Changes


I always look forward to the church Watchnight meeting (why do people call church meetings, ‘service’?), because we get to reflect on the year that has past and look forward to new things in the new year, if the Lord wills it.

I have been very pleased over the past years that our assemblies’ (Kajang Gospel Centre and Bandar Teknologi Gospel Centre) oversight have take steps to move closer to the Word of God and the New Testament teachings on church practice in particular.


Some of the changes I can remember over the past years are:

1. BTGC started their own prayer meeting and bible study

2. BTGC and KGC prayer meetings and bible studies took on a more biblical ‘corporate’ and formal nature, where sisters veil, and brothers lead in prayer.

3. The monthly gospel meetings were started.

4. More teaching ministry has been given to those who have been given the gift of teaching.

5. The announcements before the Lord’s Supper meeting have been more ‘biblical’ (to a certain extent).


This year three very important announcements were made:

1. Official recognition of assembly elders.

It has always been on the hearts of those who are actively involved in the assembly’s fellowship that elders be recognized. I thank God that elders were not ‘simply chosen’, but much prayer and waiting was given before the official announcements were made.

Unc. Philip Kok and Unc. Mah Keng Hoe were officially recognized last night as our elders. I never realized that Unc Mah was with the Kajang work since it was 3 months old 26 years ago.

Even before the announcements, everyone (I hope) had already recognized how these two uncles had a great desire and care for the assembly and its welfare, so it merely a recognition of a work that has already been put in place.

2. Deacons were appointed

Although I’m not sure if the bible speaks of the ‘office’ of a deacon (deacon means minister), I rejoice that some brothers were recognized for the work they are doing in the assembly.

[BTGC] Jaya Kumar, Cheng Tee, Chee Ching
[KGC] Unc. Hong Boon, Kok Soo Aun, Kai Whey

3. Church discipline was exercised

In accordance to scripture, a brother has been put out of fellowship. Its so sad to hear this, but I’m hardly surprised. Church discipline is not something anyone likes to exercise, but its necessary to arrest the spread of ‘leaven’ in the assembly. And its biblical.

I remember how many years ago the assembly literally took guardianship of this dear brother, cared and provided for him. How much exhortation, advice and encouragement was given for so many years.

I do hope the dear brother repents of his sin, so that fellowship can be restored.


May the Lord Jesus, the Head of the church, continue to guide and lead us into the new year while we wait for His return.


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