Obama won’t use the bible to govern USA



There are somethings you hate to be wrong on. But this post is not one of them. The ever faithful antiochagent found what I was looking for and I now realize that the clip below was made in malice, not sincere concern. Full transcript can be found here.

So please accept my apologies, especially you, Senator President Obama. If indeed you are saved, then my wish No.1 below still stands that you will govern in His wisdom.

Thanks for the voices of reason that reminded me how important context is.

Something I came across on Sen. Barack Obama where he states why its difficult to use the Bible in governing the country.

Well, Senator, I guess you’ll have to :

1. Believe in the Lord Jesus as Saviour so that He can forgive you your sins and, if you do become president, teach you how govern by the Word of God.

2. Stay unsaved, survive tribulation if the Lord comes before you die in your sins, and watch how he governs the world in justice and equality.

How far America have strayed from their founding fathers’ faith in God.


6 thoughts on “Obama won’t use the bible to govern USA

  1. Aylwin

    Hmm… the US seems to be spewing forth abomination after abomination… gay churches, Ray Boltz, unbelieving Obama… the list goes on and on… i remember those days they were more famous for Satanism, occults etc.. and now the attention is shifting towards the Church and its fallen state.

  2. jaya

    i’m always sceptical when people cut off speeches like that and pick out bits and pieces here and there. makes me wonder what the context of the speech was. not that i’m condoning what he said, just curious as to context.

  3. June

    I dare you to play this whole speech so that the viewer can hear it IN CONTEXT. I dare you. There is a REASON why you have only included snippets…

  4. I think as a Christian we should also learn to discern what material is right or wrong.
    It’s just like the fitna movie, where it just shows parts and pieces of the speech or story..
    this technique can manipulate a lot of issues.
    Hence, unless we hear the full speech, this is unreliable.

    and Obama is a Christian.

  5. Guna's CT

    As a muslem, we believe only one god, is Allah. Allah doesn’t have any assistant to be a god, Allah doesn’t have a baby and Allah doesn’t being birth by any.
    In muslem assambly call “jamaah”, we’ll ahead a highest knowledge person to be a leader. Here, we used the same formula, which we must ahead the most highest knowledge and qualify of person to be a leader (Islamic person, the best in education and the most administrable person)….which he will be guide by Islam teaching for peace.
    Unfortunately, many people misleading about Islam….the image of Islam is pictured as terrorism by their understanding from some cases happened around them and via media. This is the affects of sin muslem people whom they are not follow the Islam teaching as being taught properly. The meaning of Islam itself is “peace” and for everyone in the world.

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