ray boltz comes out on his allegiance to homosexuality

Ray Boltz

Ray Boltz

So Ray Boltz is gay. A famous, celebrated Christians whose songs have made their way into many church song and hymn books and people’s hearts. Think “I pledge allegiance to the lamb”, “Watch the lamb”.

It may not be news for you but I just found out and it surprised me. I like his songs.

Read about it here.

So should we still continue listening to his songs?j



6 thoughts on “ray boltz comes out on his allegiance to homosexuality

  1. Aylwin

    *feel of chair… pick myself up*


    My first take; let’s separate his songs from his sexuality. In the article, Ray confessed that he’s gay. But it never mentioned that he repented. IF he did, then I say it’ll be no harm to continue listening to his songs (check his theology though). Otherwise, we might as well tear of the book of Psalms from our bibles cos’ David committed adultery and his writings occupies maybe 1/10 of our bibles.

    let’s continue to uphold Ray before God; he needs it.

  2. antiochagent

    Sigh… I did like some of his songs. Sadly, we will only be seeing more and more of this as this world continues to slide.

  3. no christian is perfect and we all have problem that we struggle with… and when the problem is a sexual one, it invites a lot more judgment from others…

    BUT! when someone is in the mind that a certain sin is ok, contrary to what the Bible teaches, AND unrepentant….

    THEN, we have to seriously consider if he/she is saved in the first place and if action has to be taken on our part… PRAYER is a good place to start…

  4. Shock indeed. I broke the story on the blogosphere, and you wouldn’t believe the hate mail I got being accused of lying.

    Guna, thanks for the love, BTW.

    Ray is going through a dank place in his life and we should all pray for him like never before. After all he has done for the Kingdom of God, it’s the least we can do.


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