The quick brown fox

Always test out a pen before buying one

Always test out a pen before buying one

UPDATE: Aylwin correctly pointed out a mistake, of which I’m very happy to be wrong on  🙂

Chin Ai noticed that every time I test out a pen when shopping for one, or the first thing I write after buying an ink replacement, is

“The quick brown fox, jumped over the lazy cow”

She asked me why? and i thought, hmmm, maybe others would like to know.

It’s because I want to see the smoothness of a pen when writing as many letters of the alphabet, and that sentence has nearly all the alphabets in the alphabet soup. The only letters missing are ‘g’, ‘i’ and ‘s’. You won’t miss ‘g’ because writing a ‘q’ has a similar stroke The ‘i’ is close to ‘j’, and when you write ‘z’, its just the reverse of ‘s’.

So there you go. My science behind making the fox jump over the cow.


6 thoughts on “The quick brown fox

  1. Aylwin

    you can bet these qualified-english-teachers-but-not-wanting-to-teach to give you all sorts of suggestions and ideas when it comes to the language.

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