Should God take the heat for the US mortgage foldup?


The Roman and Thessalonians christians were known for their faith, and people were talking about them not only within, but without the christian circles. Their peace, joy, steadfastness to the Word of God, fervency in prayer and good works was know to all within and without the church.

Recently, in view of the American financial crisis, the ‘faith’ in some christian congregations in America today have got the attention of the media not for their peace in times of trouble, instead they are being blamed for contributing to the NPLs.

A unique example of how the devil can use unbiblical preaching and bad banking practices to create more chaos in the world and bring disrepute to the name of God.

Here are some excerpts from the article:
“The pastor’s not gonna say, ‘Go down to Wachovia and get a loan,’ but I have heard, ‘Even if you have a poor credit rating, God can still bless you — if you put some faith out there [that is, make a big donation to the church], you’ll get that house or that car or that apartment.’ ”

“The economic boom ’90s and financial overextensions of the new millennium contributed to the success of the Prosperity message,” he wrote recently on his personal blog as well as on the website Religion Dispatches. And not positively. “Narratives of how ‘God blessed me with my first house despite my credit’ were common. Sermons declaring ‘It’s your season to overflow’ supplanted messages of economic sobriety,” and “little attention was paid to … the dangers of using one’s home equity as an ATM to subsidize cars, clothes and vacations.”

Read the full article here


4 thoughts on “Should God take the heat for the US mortgage foldup?

  1. Aylwin

    Absolutely not! The whole mess happened because of human greed, disguised with a cloak of godliness to justify our wants.

    the church should teach its congregration on proper money management, on world economy etc etc… aren’t we stewards and caretaker of God’s property? Ultimately, all we have comes from Him and belong to him, and so are the cattles on a thousand hills.

    but saying all this, I am still guilty of wanting to hoard stuffs, to want more of this and that… oh, the wretch that i am!

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