Christian Rap


Can someone please tell me why I feel uncomfortable with this video?

I think its just worldly at best.
Look at the attitude, self consciousness, and self exaltation.
Irreverent dancing…
Try this: mute the audio and watch the video and see if you’ll get any indication that the God Almighty is being worshipped?


Here is a ‘rap’ song I really like, the theology isn’t bad either.

listen here (or here) and read the lyrics here


9 thoughts on “Christian Rap

  1. people follow like lambs.

    Ive read the Anti Christ will b a Musician.

    The muezzin calls people to God not just prayer but to a complete way of life.

    And the Devil he uses Music. That’s his voice to Call to his path. His not just calling to the music but to the wild free mixing, touching of individuals, flirting, kissing, getting drunk, getting hi, gettig on a buzz making you feel free to do whatever you want..

    When i See that to me thats like any other song except he is singing about God and so that makes it “Right”.

    that’s my take on music.

    I always like that Maddonna song.. Like a prayer.. opps shouldnt have thought about it coz once yoy get a tune in the heart, its hard to take it out. No wonder the AC will be a musician ..reminds me of the Pied Piper

  2. fontana

    the anti christ lurks amongst bloggers too who come against ministries that are actually presenting a clear Gospel message in music. the anti christ also appears in some of the music you listen to that doesn’t present a Gospel message much like this song does. TRY THIS… UNMUTING the video and actually paying attention to the lyrics of the song. it’s a concert scened music video… try attending their concerts… you’d be quite surprised brethern. how about TRY THIS visit their ministry pages and learn more about their ministry… be slow to speak and quick to learn.

  3. fontana,
    1. I’m not sure how breakdance and women swinging their heads and hair in the air have anything to do with preaching the gospel. That is not what my bible says how women should behave:

    And that women may be dressed in simple clothing, with a quiet and serious air; not with twisted hair and gold or jewels or robes of great price;
    (I Timothy 2:9)BBE

    From the lyrics…

    I am not of this world like I’m from the planet mars


    We’re casting our crowns before His feet on the ground

    Please point me to the part of video where there were doing this? Seems like the audience is casting their crowns in from of these guys instead.

    Hearing holy holy holy coming out of the mouth
    Of the four living creatures by His throne all around
    Can you picture the scene this this is how it’s going down
    You just need a little faith and a new set of eyes and a telescopic lens to look in and see God
    I love it!

    When Isaiah saw the throne of the Angel of the Lord, and the cherubims, he was overwhelmed with fear and fell down as a dead man. Do you seriously want people to think that they can rap their way into God’s presence?

    When it comes to preaching the gospel, brother, God has set that simple preaching to be the best way to preach the gospel, not rap and hip hop.

    For since in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom did not know God, God was pleased through the foolishness of preaching to save the ones believing.
    (I Corinthians 1:21)

    God bless.

  4. Aylwin

    First point: I did not watch this video, so I have no idea what they are doing. Not a fan of rap at all, irregardless Christian or not.

    Goon, I see some parallelism in your first comment and in the life of David, when the ark was being brought into Jerusalem.

    David was dancing, barely clothed, in full view of the Israelites, to the point where his wife despised him and she was cursed by God instead. David, the man after God’s own heart. David, God’s rep to the people then. If we had a video of this scene back then, and if we mute the video, you’d probably think this is some madman dancing on the street, and you won’t HEAR God Almighty being magnified and worshipped (maybe the picture of the priests carrying the ark would give some clue of what’s going on).

    My two cents. Anyway, keep up with the good work on this blog. All in all, we always need to work towards maturing in faith and these kind of issues are great discussion tools. God bless bro!

  5. anonymous

    Interesting post, even more interesting comments.

    When i look for the lyrics of this song, i found that its not entirely “gospel” nor “worship”.
    What i meant is that the lyrics are partly message to non-believer and partly words which suppose to be praising God.

    As for preaching the gospel, Guna had made it clear.

    And as for worship, no where in 2Sam6 stats that David was worshiping God when he danced. Dance out of joy that the ark was brought back(?), but certainly not worshiping.

    Shouldn’t worship be done in spirit and in truth(john4) instead of physically dancing?

    Shouldn’t worship be done in order which was ordained by God(1cor14:40) instead of disorder(in a sense that people are encouraged to express themselves in whatever way available)?

    One last thing, shouldn’t we be careful of using the phrase antichrist on people?

    1Jn 2:22 “Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? *He* is the antichrist who denies the Father and the Son.”

    No where in the comments i see anyone denying Jesus being the Christ(though i am aware that maji6 is a muslim and will not agree to me), but someone already labeling others as antichrist.

    My point is that the word antichrist is not to be used loosely.

    pardon me for my limited bible knowledge if i quoted anything out of context. – Guna: I don’t think you did. Thanks!

  6. There’s a few things we need to remember when taking parallels from the Old Testament:
    1. Our church and christian practices are not based on it. The church belongs to a different dispensation and thus its teachings on practices are taken from new testament.
    2. we need to be consistent. if we are going to use an old testament practice as justification for what we do, we have to obey the whole law, otherwise we are guilty of breaking it and we make fun of Christ who has fulfilled the requirements of law.
    3. We don’t draw principles for Christian practice from events that occur in the OT only once, unless the new testament quotes it and makes the ‘bridge’ into our life. Paul, probably the most charismatic new testament character, never mentions David and his dancing to the churches he wrote to, but he did speak of praise, unceasing prayer, order, self control, sobermindedness and sobriety. I don’t think i see this list in the video.

    As for David:
    1. He was not naked, nor was he indecently dressed. He had a linen ephod, the same thing all the other priests who were bearing the ark wore. He was dressed quite appropriately and in accordance to the law of the priestly garments. (1Chron15:27)
    2. Yes, you would think he was a little bit off his head, except he was sacrificing burnt offerings every 6 paces, now
    EVERYONE in Israel knew what that meant, and that it was an offering to God. So even if you did ‘mute’ the music, you would know what was on his mind.
    3. Micah, his wife, was the one who said he has ‘uncovered himself’, and become ‘lewd’. She just said those things because she, being royalty (saul’s daughter), was full of pride and could not imagine condescending to the level of the ‘servants’. She hated David for what he did and said some harsh things which actually had no basis. David dealt with her ‘in good faith’ by not reprimanding her, but saying (if i may paraphrase), “if you think that’s shameful, fine, but i did before God who chose me ahead of my father, and I’ll be more shameless in my sight (and yours) but the servants will give me honour.”2Sam6:21-22.
    I think if this passage was read objectively, we’ll realise that the ONLY Micah, thought what was done was without honour, and it was because of her uncondescending pride. So we cannot come away with the lesson that ‘David was lewd and uncontrolled before God’ – he wasn’t. Micah had to pay for her pride, being childless – as Aylwin has pointed out correctly.

  7. Aylwin

    hehe… i stand corrected 🙂 knew that my argument was weak, end of work day, and webmaster restricts access to sites providing bible references (biblegateway etc)… so basically putting up comments with no proper reference…

    just one question:

    “1. Our church and christian practices are not based on it. The church belongs to a different dispensation…”

    When exactly did the new dispensation began? When Christ was born, launched into ministry at the age of 30, or at His resurrection?


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