California Diocese approves of LBTG marriage


Read this statement here :

Statement on Proposition 8 by the Episcopal Diocesan Bishops of California

As Episcopal Bishops of California, we are moved to urge voters to vote “No” on Proposition 8.  Jesus calls us to love rather than hate, to give rather than to receive, to live into hope rather than fear.  On Tuesday, November 4th, voters in California will be given the opportunity to vote for or against Proposition 8, which would amend the state’s constitution to reserve marriage as only between a man and a woman.  Since the California Supreme Court’s ruling in May that civil marriage should be provided to all of the state’s citizens whether the genders of the couple are different or the same, faithful gays and lesbians have entered into marriage as the principle way in which they show their love, devotion and life-long commitment to each other.  Furthermore, marriage provides these couples the same legal rights and protections that heterosexual couples take for granted.

Proposition 8 would reverse the court’s decision and withdraw a right given.  Proponents of Proposition 8 have suggested that this amendment to the Constitution would protect marriage.  We do not believe that marriage of heterosexuals is threatened by same-sex marriage.  Rather, the Christian values of monogamy, commitment, love, mutual respect and witness of monogamy are enhanced for all by providing this right to gay and straight alike.  Society is strengthened when two people who love each other choose to enter into marriage, engaged in a lifetime of disciplined relationship building that serves as a witness to the importance of love and commitment.

Hmmm, it still baffles me that churches can make an important stand on ‘hot’ issues like this and get away with not giving scriptural reason or references.

Yes, broad statements are made which do highlight what Christ taught, but conveniently sidesteps what other parts of scripture clearly teach, like how homosexuality is an abomination to God (Rom1,2)

Yes, Jesus was kind, and compassionate and always wanted bring others to salvation, but He never condoned sin, did He?

Since when does disapproving of homosexuality means we hate the homosexual? We love them as “God so loved the world” and want them to know that what they’re doing is wrong, not from my our point of view, but from God’s point of view.

God is willing to forgive sin, with the condition of repentance (realizing and agreeing with God that sin is wrong).

I think its most tragic when churches take a ‘loose’ stand on issues, and not ‘declare the whole counsel of God’ and people gladly walk away thinking they names are in the book of Life, only to find that they are not.


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