50 ways to use gospel tracts


Read this on mwtb.org

It lists some creative ways of how gospel tracts can be used.

It has always baffled me why so many Christians like to keep tracts, and treat them like souveniers or bookmarks. C’mon! Tracts are not for the saved, its for the lost. So lets get inspired to give out those tracts. Feel free to add your own ideas on how to put tracts into the hands of those who are yet to ‘saved from the wrath to come’.

No matter where or how you choose to distribute tracts, we have these suggestions:

1. Obey all local ordinances. (Some areas or stores, including the US Post Office, have prohibited the distribution of literature). This also includes littering, etc.
2. Leave at least two copies of a tract so someone will feel better about not taking the last one. Plus you’ll double the number of souls witnessed to!
3. Most importantly, ask God to use you, seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit for each tract placed, and then pray for the Lord of harvest to bless it.

1. Leave in phone booths.
2. Put in greeting cards.
3. Leave at roadside rests.
4. Put on car windows in parking lots.
5. Leave on sitting areas of shopping malls.
6. Pass out door to door.
7. Pass out to fellow campers.
8. Tack up on bulletin boards.
9. Put in pockets of used clothing given away.
10. Leave in dressing rooms of clothing stores.
11. Pass out at parades, festivals, and special events.
12. Leave in city parks on benches, etc.
13. Put in helium-filled balloons.
14. Leave at funeral homes.
15. Leave in newspaper machines.
16. Hand out at stadium entrances, etc.
17. Put in sealed bottles in the ocean.
18. Mail out to names in a telephone book.
19. Leave in laundromats.
20. Give to attendants at parking garages, etc.
21. Leave in motel rooms (in the drawers, telephone book, etc.)
22. Leave in glove compartment of car you test drive.
23. Place in six-packs of beer, or in toilet tissue rolls in grocery stores.
24. Include in bills paid by mail.
25. Slip in pump handles at self-serve gas stations.
26. Hand to store employees, check-out clerks.
27. Leave in returned library books.
28. Put in magazines in waiting rooms.
29. Put up tract racks in stores, beauty parlors.
30. Put in correspondence to prisoners, etc.
31. Leave in bank where deposit slips are.
32. Leave in zip code book in post office.
33. Leave in restrooms at restaurants, etc.
34. Leave with (generous) tip in restaurants.
35. Give to hospital and nursing home patients.
36. Leave on tables at flea markets.
37. Hand out at zoos, picnic areas, beaches.
38. Leave on seats on bus, cab, airplane, etc.
39. Leave in locker at “Y” or health club.
40. Pass out on busy street corners.
41. Put in mouth of vending machines.
42. Pass out at schools after dismissal.
43. Leave in cafeteria at work, school.
44. Leave for newspaper boy, milkman, etc.
45. Put in each box or bag of merchandise sold.
46. Put in airport lounges, bus terminals, etc.
47. Send to relatives of deceased in obituaries.
48. Send to parents in birth announcements.
49. Give to students at Vacation Bible School and Sunday School.
50. Rent booths at fairs for tract displays.

What would you add?


9 thoughts on “50 ways to use gospel tracts

  1. antiochagent

    51. PFS school toilet
    52. Pass to toll booth operators

    I believe the quality and content of the tract is very important for consideration. My most used and handed out ones are Chick Tracts “This was your Life” and “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. Which ones do you use?

  2. 53. If you’re a tuition teacher, leave the tracts on the table where your students study. So they can pick up and read before and after class (i’ve tried this!)

    If i’m handing out tracts publicly, I use less Chick Tracts now, instead i order tracts from mwtb.org.
    Chick Tracts are good with kids though. it attracts them.

  3. antiochagent

    Actually the Chick tracts are good with adults too. Everyone reads comics and it’s presented in a medium very easily accessible to all.

    Btw, do you have some stock of the mwtb tracks? Which ones did you bring in as there are quite a few titles there. I’d love to bring in a whole box of good ones to hand out.

    Actually i’ve been considering if our assemblies here could come up with some good publication of tracts that would really suit our local context. Sounds like a project?

  4. i exhausted my tracts during the last election. yet to buy some more.

    its true, many tracts we see are more suited to the US / UK context. it assumes the readers have a pretty good command of English.

    It would really be a good project to embark on. We’ve asked our Young Adults to try coming up with some tracts, but they seem very busy to come up with some tract ideas. More busy with education than gospel work?? 😉

  5. i once gave a Cancer related Chick Tract to my cousin who had cancer…

    visited him some weeks later and the tract was still on the dining table! i thought it would be in the trash!

  6. I know this is an old page, but I thought I’d add a few of my ideas 🙂 If you’re at a gas station and they have the boxes of beer that are just sitting out, not in the cold section or anythig slide them in there where the handle is. If you sell stuff online like eBay or something put them in the packages! I sell used school books & such and have gotten may nice comments when people would find the tracts in there thanking me for putting them there. At VBS put tracts in balloons and let them go you’ll never know where they will land and the kids would love it!

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