Unsung hero


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Today I read an inspiring article on CNN about Scott Silverman. About twenty three years ago Scott was on the verge of stepping out of an open window on the 44th floor. His life was a shambles. He was depressed and despair had taken hold of him. Fortunately, a coworker stepped in and he didn’t go through with it. Today, that same Scott Silverman runs a program called “Second Chance” in San Diego California. Second Chance gives people just that – another shot at life. From people fresh out of Rehab to people fresh out of prison, it teaches them basics like how to write a resume, how to conduct a strong interview, gives them a place to live (which also gives an address so they can get a job), and what’s more, places them in an environment of positive change.

Second Chance has helped more than 24,000 individuals, partnering with local companies who make repeat hires because they’ve had such a good experience.

Remember, this is the same Scott we talked about before. A man who turned his life around so successfully, and who has made such a positive impact in the lives of so many others that last month, San Diego declared one day as “Scott Silverman Day”.

Anthony Panarella, an ex-convict who graduated from the program said “Little kids have Superman or Spiderman. I have Scott Silverman”.

Remember, no matter where your life is right now, the most powerful things before you are not obstacles, nor the events of your past, but the undeniable opportunity to change your future

Thanks Scott for being such a fine, living example of this, and thank you CNN for choosing to report so well on such an important and valuable story.

(Note: The entire CNN story can be found here http://www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/03/19/heroes.silverman/index.html?eref=rss_t

CNN label’s Silverman as the hero. I disagree, I think the hero was the unsung colleague who was instrumental in preventing his death, without whom Second Chance may never exist today.


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