Living and dying a virgin


I asked this question to a few of the women in church:

“Which would be worse, dying young as a virgin or living the rest of your days as a virgin?”

Most of the replies would be dying young as a virgin.

Then I changed the question a little,

“What would be a greater sacrifice for you, dying young as a virgin or living the rest of your days as a virgin?”

Most replied the latter, that to live a virgin, would be a greater sacrifice.

I’m not drawing any conclusions on this, I just get some insight, and seems that:

Virginity, the prized possesion, which few want to keep for the rest of their lives.

I really like what Sharon Raju said,

“The second (living a virgin) is sacrifice, the first (dying a virgin) is tragic”.

What about you, any thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Living and dying a virgin

  1. augustonfire

    Ludicrous. You asked them if they would rather live long or die young, added virginity to the mix as something that stayed with you either way, and they chose death at a young age?

  2. augustonfire

    Because they choose life over death!

    dying a young virgin or dying an old virgin


    dying a young {virgin} or dying an old {virgin}


    dying young or dying old

  3. augustonfire,
    i see your point.

    why is it ludicrous that they choose life over death? Do you prefer death over life?

    I like the way you applied math to the question. In your formula, you factor out virginity simply because its the common denominator. Good math, but there’s more to a soul than math. The implications of dying a young {virgin} against dying an old {virgin} are very different. In fact, i never asked them if they prefered to die an old or young virgin.

    its not about the status of your virginity at the point of death, its about what is involved in maintaining a lifelong journey of virginity.

  4. Ben

    I think it would depend on the person. I am 24 and a virgin and I would rather a truck come along and crash into me then go the rest of my life and never be intimate with a woman.

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