What theologian am I?


Took this quiz for fun…

Which theologian are you?
You scored as a Karl Barth
The daddy of 20th Century theology. You perceive liberal theology to be a disaster and so you insist that the revelation of Christ, not human experience, should be the starting point for all theology.
Karl Barth  80%
Karl Barth –>
Martin Luther –>
Anselm –>
John Calvin –>
Jonathan Edwards –>
Jürgen Moltmann –>
Augustine –>
Charles Finney –>
Friedrich Schleiermacher –>
Paul Tillich –>

Karl who? I never even heard of the dude…


6 thoughts on “What theologian am I?

  1. MT

    Hi, I’m your friend’s friend’s friend, drop by here, found the quiz is very intresting. u dont know Karl Bath?He was most influential christian thinker in 20th century (now is 21th century), some of his most important book comprise of The Epistle to the Romans and the Church Domagtic that influence churches and other theologian. he was a village pastor who against the whole 19th century theology, when that day he accidentially found that the 1914 Manifesto of the Ninety-Three German Intellectuals to the Civilized World had his teacher signature, which agree to start the world war, he’s depress and proclaimed that the whole 19th century theology had no future, he gradually started dialectical theology, which became a movement, many other theologians follow it (perhap how you percieve the world nowadays is influnced from him too) his theology is like from top to down …long story… In another parallel opposite, there’s Paul Tillich, his theology is from down to top, unexpectedly, he found God in Nietzsche’s philosophy which a person who proclaimed God is dead. very exicting history ~ if you think u are interested in Bath, his book: The Epistle to the Romans is good to read.

  2. Hi friend’s friend friend. 🙂 Thanks for your comment! Nice to know someone out there is reading this blog! haha…

    I read up on Karl Bath. Looks like I disagree with some things he propounds, like him not believing in the inerrancy of the Word.
    That’s a fundamental disagreement and will affect how we read the bible. Although he agrees that the word ‘points’ to Christ, who is the perfect revelation of the Father, he doesn’t hold that the Word itself, is divine and has no errors.
    I think i got a problem with that lah… 🙂

  3. hi there Guna

    came across this blog whilst looking for information on Karl Barth…..funny what google will return!

    anyway, i wanted to say its good to see someone outside of the small pocket of christians i know believing that the Word is infallible. If it has errors then we have no faith!

    feel free to drop me a line on my myspace if you think there is anything in particular i should include.

    Thanks for the moment of encouragement

  4. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the comment.
    Yes, it can be quite suprising what Google returns. If you know how the match results, its can be even funnier!

    You’re absolutely right, if the Bible has errors, we would be building on sand. Even the Lord Jesus testified to its inerrancy :
    “Sanctify them by the truth, thy Word is truth”.

  5. braulio

    Karl Barth él tiene dos faceta en su vida; una de teólogo liberal y otra de teólogo conservador, la primera fue al inicio de su vida y la otra al final de su vida. Lo intesesante es que cuando uno quita los diferentes lentes para leer las escrituras ella por sí sola nos transforma y nos convence que no sólo es la verdad, sino la absoluta verdad y fuera de ella no hay más verdad.

  6. braulio,
    that was interesting. Its nice to see someone move from liberal to conservative, when today you see the opposite.
    I guess whether someone is considered ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ has got to do with how serious the person takes the authority of the Word of God in his or her life. In that, I agree with you. The bible is truth, and its the absolute truth. The Lord Jesus said, ‘sanctify them by thy Truth, thy Word is truth’…
    thanks for the comment.

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