Election, Foreknowledge, Foreordination, Predestination


I’ve just embarked on a study of these doctrines, again, and its really tough setting aside all that you think you know, and come to the Scriptures with an unjaundiced eye.

Learning at the feet of the Saviour is indeed a humbling experience, and when it comes to these topics, there is much pride to swallow and gratitude to return to the Lord.

Lord willing, I’ll update some lessons i’ve learnt here…


2 thoughts on “Election, Foreknowledge, Foreordination, Predestination

  1. Guna

    What I think I know, depends a lot on what I thought was the definitions of certain words.
    For instance, i always thought the word elect, always meant ‘chosen for salvation’. But upon looking its occurrences, it doesn’t always mean so. Israel was the ‘elect’ nation, but they were not ‘chosen to salvation’.
    Once we can get our definitions clear from the bible, we can then correctly see what the Holy Spirit is telling us.
    This study has been instrumental in training me to let the bible be its own dictionary. 🙂

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