Eng Chun Mun


  “I knew you’d do something chinaman“, I told  my friend, and brother in Christ, who got married to Wong Mei Fern last Saturday, and I was proud of him. He’s among the few people I know who actually got married and chose to wear a their traditional dress instead of the usual white wedding gown and tuxedo. It’s a joy to see a not so ‘westernised’ wedding. I tell you, even the bride’s march in song was a chinese song, but I have no idea what it was.imag0101.jpg

When I arrived at PJ Gospel Hall, he was looking real sleek with a black tux and red tie (I love the red tie, man!). Then, just a few minutes before the arrival of the bride, he and his best man disappeared and walked in wearing his traditional clothing. Chin Ai, being her cute self, asked me, “is that a Chinese emperor’s clothes?” I guess she thought I would know, being Ceylonese and all 😉

So Chun Mun finally got married. He was a brother I met in university, was my junior and we spent quite a bit of time together. He came to Kajang Gospel Centre during his study days, but was always waiting to leave carjunk (read Kajang). I remember him mentioning that we in KGC “sing like dead people!”. Ha ha! I wonder if a visitor would still have the same opinion today?

He was a man of dreams. Dreaming of his theology degree, dreaming of being happily married, dreaming of working with young people. The Lord has indeed granted the wishes of his heart, maybe not in the timing that he would have imagined, but I’m sure today he’d agree.

I’ve always admired his memory and ability to read and remember things (just like Kai Whey), actually I almost envy it. His love for Scripture, and passion for the Lord’s things are incredible.

But what tickles me most about him is his perfectionism (is there such a word)? When he asked Herbert to give the opening prayer for his wedding, he practically gave him a script, and Herbert ended up writing it down!

Chun Mun, we’re happy for you, and rejoice that “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing.”

Here’s a couple of more photos taken at his wedding.

Herbert and Amerline
Mr & Mrs Herbert Devan (sweet!)

Elaine and Titus
An old friend, Elaine, absolutely enjoying Titus

Another old friend, Rachel. Nice to see you after all this while!

Chin Ai taking a break
Chin Ai enjoying her time out from carrying Titus. hehe…


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